The Panasonic ES-LV81-K/ES-LV61-A Is Packed with Fun Features

There is no shortage of options for men out there looking to get the best possible shave. Even manual razors come in about a dozen different versions these days. But most would agree electric models are the best for a number of reasons. Of all the brands to choose from, Panasonic has long been considered the best. So their ES-LV81-K/ES-LV61-A has a significant bar set for it. Keep reading to see if it lives up to these expectations.

Wet or Dry Shaving

Right off the bat, one of the best parts about this shaver is that it works in wet or dry conditions. When it comes to electrics, most men favor them for the fact that they can be used in dry conditions. This also shaves a lot of time off our morning routine and means we can depend on it for a quick trim when the five o’clock shadow pops up or we realize we missed a spot.

However, everyone knows a wet shave is going to be closer. No electric out there can replace the quality shave you get from taking shaving cream, lathering it up with some hot water and applying it to a nice, moist face. So, in the past, men generally still needed both models available if they owned an electric.

Not anymore though. The ES-LV81-K/ES-LV61-A handles both conditions like a pro. Shave wet once a week for the ultimate shave and then touch up as necessary in dry conditions the following days. You’ll save time without sacrificing quality.

Five Blades

By itself, having multiple blades shouldn’t be much of a selling point. It’s become almost comical, in fact, how many blades companies continue to pack into their razors. Manual razors are especially guilty of this. After two or three, it becomes ridiculous.

But the ES-LV81-K/ES-LV61-A doesn’t just have five blades for arbitrary reasons—each is there for a specific purpose. They all support three separate foils dedicated to giving you a better quality shave. Let’s take a look at each

The first one is the lift-tech foil. This is the initial foil to touch your skin and its job is to lift the hair from your face to make for easy shaving. Because its edges are reverse-tapered, it’s able to do this with ease.

Next, your finishing foil does its job. It has a special shape and angle that ensures it’s able to capture that lifted hair and cut right through it. Even those of you with stubborn hairs that grow in all directions, especially thick or otherwise uncooperative will benefit from having this foil in your repertoire.

The third foil, the slit foil, is great for long beards. One of the best parts about an electric is how you can just tear through long hair, without risking pain or irritation. With the slit foil found on the ES-LV81-K/ES-LV61-A, this is even easier. All those long hairs get caught and cut without issue.

Face Hugging Technology

Another advantage Panasonic gave this razor is its pivoting head. Most electrics (and dry razors, for that matter) sit still as you negotiate your face with them. This makes it very easy to miss a spot. Your face has too many angles to be handled by a razor that won’t move. So Panasonic ensured the head on the ES-LV81-K/ES-LV61-A can tilt roughly 25 degrees in two directions (back and forth, essentially). So you’ll have an easy time going over your chin, jaw, down the cheek and through your mustache line.

Plenty of Power

Nothing is worse than spending money on an electric razor and finding out it brings no real power to the table. You get a model that does little more than shake in place. The ES-LV81-K/ES-LV61-A won’t disappoint in this regard though. It hits 14,000 cycles every 60 seconds. Its linear motor does this without jerking, catching or reaching a volume that would ruin your morning.


This will be the favorite feature for a lot of guys. “Easy cleaning” is one thing. “Self-cleaning” is way better. With the ES-LV81-K/ES-LV61-A, you just plug it back into its charger and the device takes care of cleaning and drying your electric, so it’s ready to give you another great shave the next time around. Plus, it’s charged too.


The only drawback I’d mention about this great machine is the price tag on it. Most men are going to need to save for this shave. However, if you run the costs over the years this beast will last, it might be worth it.


You won’t be disappointed with the Panasonic ES-LV81-K/ES-LV61-A. It has every feature necessary to give you the best shave each and every morning.