Insider’s Guide To The Best Philips Electric Shavers

Amazingly, Philips Norelco makes as many as thirty-six different electric shavers. There’s a good bit of repetition in their model numbers, sometimes only denoting a different set of accessories or other minor differences between them. In essence, there are four different levels of quality and price in the product line. One of them is bound to suit every beard and budget:

Entry Level

The 6000 series is Philips Norelco’s entry-level shaver line. Barely more expensive than some of the pricier conventional razors, it’s a great entry-level unit to give electric shaving a try. They’re the only Philips Norelco shavers that work whether they’re plugged in or not, so they’re a good choice if you want to be able to use them on a moment’s notice, or keep them for a spare.


The Power Touch line of electric shavers has better heads, a more ergonomic design, and use their Aquatec technology to let you bring your shaver right into the shower with you, and clean it out under running water.

The Philips Norelco AT830 Power Touch is an excellent example of their mid-level cordless electric shaver at an entry-level price. It’s great for wet or dry shaving, with or without shaving gels or foams. The triple shaving heads are equipped with Dual Precision cutting blades for a closer shave than an entry-level shaver. The heads pivot in their sockets as well as flexing when you apply pressure to them. It’s more effective on both long hair and short stubble.

Superior Quality Level

Philips Norelco offer about eight entries in their SensoTouch 2D line of premium quality cordless electric shavers

The Philips Norelco 1160x SensoTouch 2D is a great example of the line. These have a fully articulating head for the three cutters, and the Gyro-Flex heads can pivot independently of each other and bend in toward one another as well as flex with pressure. Like the mid-level shavers, they’re entirely waterproof, and handle gels, foam, or soap with ease. These shavers can be equipped with automatic cleaning systems, so all you have to do after a shaving session is put the unit upside-down in a bath of cleaning solution and press a button, and it will be ready for you the next day without any fuss. It comes with a charging station, cleaning brush, travel pouch, and a power cord.

Premium Level

Philips Norelco produces nearly a dozen models in their SensoTouch 3D line. They’re the best shavers Philips makes, and they might very well be the best shavers anyone makes.

The Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D/1250x is a good example of the line. The SensoTouch 3Ds have every feature and benefit of the 2D models, but they have cutting heads that can flex in and out, and articulate entirely separately from each other. This gives an incredibly detailed shave without pushing hard to reach every feature on your face. Super-quiet, light and easy to handle, the ergonomic, non-slip handle feels safe and sure even in the shower. Great battery life, easy Jet Cleaning, a nifty travel lock and handy travel pouch make it a cinch to take on the road with you. Automatically adjusts between American and European electricity, too, making it an international traveler.