What You Need to Know about the Remington FR-730 Men’s Shaver

If you’re searching for the perfect men’s shaver, you’ll find that the Remington FR-730 Men’s Shaver offers impressive benefits for the price that you will pay. This reasonably-priced men’s shaver sells for about seventy bucks (USD) at most larger online retailers, and it’s designed to offer quite a few “bells and whistles” for its mid-range price tag. To help you discover the advantages of this product, along with its pros and cons, we’ve created a detailed review.

Once you’ve learned about this Remington-brand design, you’ll be one step closer to deciding whether or not it’s right for you…

Product Features

Each shaver of this type is equipped with a couple of surgical steel foils, which will be flexible enough to hug your facial contours without causing discomfort or skin irritation. These foils come with intercept trimmer features in order to make them very adjustable. When you choose this model, you’ll also access foil which is specially embossed in order to offer superior cutting power in a host of different directions.

In addition, the neck of the shaver is a pivoting style, which allows for movement from front to back, well as side-to-side and up-and-down. This shaver comes with an LED battery which charges up in just one hour. In other words, you’ll be able to shave for well over a week with just one charge.

When you order this product, you’ll receive the shaver device, along with a power cord for charging, a carry case and an instruction manual. So, you will definitely get everything that you need in order to start enjoying a close, smooth shave right away.
While some deluxe men’s shaver systems do offer more features, they are usually more expensive. If you want some features and don’t need your men’s shaver to do everything, you may find that this product provides exceptional value, and it definitely isn’t a super-expensive choice.

Pros and Cons of This Product

This product has lots of advantages. It primary benefit is its impressive array of “close shave” technology. In other words, when you select this model, you’ll be able to improve the look of your skin every time that you shave. Since it’s designed to reduce irritation from shaving as it ensures that every hair and bit of stubble is removed, it offers a host of benefits for an affordable price.

In terms of “cons”, this product is probably a little bit more expensive than some other mid-range styles. For sure, there are budget shavers which are available for a lower price. If you’re interested in accessing a very inexpensive men’s shaver which is simple and basic, this unit may be too high-end for your needs. However, for those who can afford this reasonably-priced unit, its quality construction and durability, as well as its high-performance features, should easily justify the price that is paid.

How Does This Shaver Measure Up?

This Remington shaver has more features than the FR-500 shaver, which is produced by the same company. While the FR-500 is cheaper, it doesn’t come with the full complement of close-shave technology, such as twin foils and patterned foil.

In addition, the FR-730 has an impeccable appearance as it is very sleek and minimalist in style. If you want more features, choosing the higher-priced model may be the key to unlocking superior shaving performance for a very affordable price.

Is This Shaver Right for You?

Now that you know more about this Remington-brand design and all that it has to offer, isn’t it time to find the product online? When you comparison-shop for this men’s shaver online, you’ll be able to access a great price on your preferred model. However, you should only buy from a retailer with a great business reputation. Without this assurance, you may not be able to access an authentic Remington men’s shaver of this type, along with a Remington warranty. Buying second hand isn’t recommended, either, as it may be very unsanitary, while also voiding the original Remington warranty.

To make the most of your next shaver purchase, be sure to consider your needs before investing in this sort of product. For example, if you’re a busy person and you want a men’s shaver which offers high-performance features, as well as lightning-fast charging times, you may want to choose a model which charges up in just five minutes. If you want a more basic model and you don’t mind waiting for a slightly longer charge time, you may find that this design is just right for you needs.